I'm Guangyuan Piao | 朴光元 | 박광원, a Research Scientist and Assistant Professor in the department of Computer Science & International Engineering College & Hamilton Institute at Maynooth University. My research interests include user modeling and recommender systems.

Prior to the current position, I was a research scientist at Bell Labs with the research interest of AIOps (AI for IT Operations). I did my PhD in Semantics-Aware User Modeling and Recommender Systems at the Insight Research Centre for Data Analytics(DERI) with Prof. John G. Breslin. I've studied Information Engineering at Yonsei University, and Computer Science at Jilin University. I've worked as IT administrative assistant at Hyundai Mobis and Web App developer at HTML5-based mobile advertising and content production service start-up Bitdot, and teaching assistant at NUIG, Yonsei University, and YUST before.


Bell Labs Dublin
PhD viva at University of Galway with Prof. Harith Alani, Dr. John P. McCrae, Prof. John G. Breslin (Supervisor), and Prof. Dietrich Rebholz-Schuhmann
W3C meeting with Tim Berners-Lee in Paris